Our Respected Resource Persons

Below are the superheroes behind the content you see on this academy.

Please join us in thanking them for all their hard work and dedication.

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Dr. Vandana Shinde

Dr. Vandana Madam is a subject matter expert of English. She uses her expertise to create content for improving your English skills.

Dr. Durga Das Mundhra

Air Force Veteran, Dr. Mundhra Sir puts his energy in educating you about mechanics and workshop technology. He is very approachable.

Mr. Rahul Kale

Rahul Sir's hard work is dedicated towards improving your English communication skills. He, by his teaching experience has developed an interesting way to deliver ideas.

C/E Diwakar Puri

Chief Diwakar Sir with his experience, works towards enhancing your technical knowledge. He has made various career advances, all possible due to his grit and dedication.

4/E Mrinal Banerjee

4/E Mrinal Sir uses his calm mind and good technical knowledge to educate the cadets about onboard operations.

3/AE Sandesh Sinha

3/AE Sandesh Sir uses his sound technical knowledge to curate content for you. He has sailed on Gas Carriers since he joined shipping as a Cadet.

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